Yoga retreat in Spain

9 - 16 November 2019


It can be tricky to get into a daily yogic routine and discipline while living in a society with completely different routines and habits. When Friday evenings end late at night, it’s not easy to wake up with the sunrise on Saturday morning. Therefore, it can be of help to get away from your "normal life" for some time. To a place where there are no obligations or household duties waiting to be done.

Do you want a daily yoga practice to become part of your life? Or do you just have so much around you that you just need a break from everything? Treat yourself to a week in the sun, near the sea. But instead of cocktails and late nights, this will be a healthy vacation; with sunrises, sunsets and daily yoga classes, meditations and more. We show, guide and assist you to find a sustainable routine that you can take home with you after the trip.




• Yoga classes 2 times/day
• Daily meditation & pranayama practice
•Personal consultation
• Guided tour around Barcelona
• Lectures
• Luxury
• Cereomnies

• Healthy vegan meals 3 times/day
• Unlimited supply of tea & fruit
• Vegan desserts
• Cooking class
• Silent hike
• Treatments
• Accommodation close to the sea

Treat yourself


Every once in a while it’s okay to treat yourself with something really luxurious for the sake of good health! Like this lovely yoga retreat that will be held by Mandala Soul's Eleonor Nordwall and Tulullah Toone, a talented yoga teacher from England. For 5 full days, starting at sunrise on November 10th 2019, Eleonor and Tulullah will take care of you and give you all the tools you need to get into a daily routine of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Just as it starts to get gray and boring in Sweden and England we head off to Spain, a bit outside Barcelona, to catch some sun and load up with lots of new energy for the winter to come.

Eleonor who has lived in Barcelona for 4 years, knows everything you need to know about the city, how to get around and eat well without spending a lot of money. Tulullah who is a trained masseur will offer massages for those who want that little extra during their trip. We are happy to announce that yoga teacher Davina Safapour, from UK, currently living in Barcelona, also will be part of our teacher team! She’s a massage therapist and an author and will offer inspiring workshops as well as yoga classes during the retreat.

You will be provided with everything you need for your stay . Fruits, teas, vegan food and delicious, vegan desserts! To be able to achieve perfect health, not only do we need to do our asanas and pranayama, we also need to eat well. So during these 5 days you will experience how it feels to eat a wholly satirical diet, which is good for both your body and soul. Not only that, during the retreat we will also offer cooking classes so that anyone who wants can take the knowledge of a good diet home.

Accomodation & prices

The accommodation is not set yet but the price will land at approximately 1200€ per person. We would love to see how many of you who are interested so you are welcome to report your interest through the link below. The first people to report interest is also secured a place on the retreat, if they want one. Only a limited number of places.

Plan your trip

Our recommended route (from Sweden) is Gothenburg - Barcelona El Prat with Lufthansa which currently costs only 1112 SEK with hand luggage back and forth. There’s a 1.5 h layover in Munich on the way down and in Frankfurt on the way home. The trip can be found at or When you book your flight you are welcome to email us your flight times and we will try to meet as many people as possible at the airport.

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What’s included?

The price includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and unlimited supplies of tea and fruit during the 5 days of the retreat. Welcome dinner on the 9th and breakfast on the 16th. Accommodation 7 nights. All yoga classes, meditations and workshops are included while healing / massage and other treatments are at your own expense.

You are responsible for booking and buying airline tickets to/from Barcelona El Prat, arriving on the 9th of November and departing on the 16th. The currency is € and there are ATM’s all over the city where you can withdraw money from your Swedish bank card.