Our Workshops

We like when things happen in our little town of Lysekil, that’s why we on a regular basis arrange workshops and happenings that you can attend. Sometimes it’s the Mandala Soul Tribe holding workshops and sometimes it’s guest teachers from around other parts of Sweden or even other parts of the world. Below you can find information about the different workshops and events we have or will offer.

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Healing workshop with marianne

We’re proud to present that Marianne Siverhav is going to hold a workshop on Healing with us where she talks about energies - how they effect us and the people around us, about our body, feelings, chakras and the Aura. Healing is something that anyone is capable of learning and doing. With a deeper understanding of how energy exchange works you can better understand yourself and others, living a more constructive life by making conscious choices. A workshops that gives you a lot of practical tips and valuable guidance.

During the workshops you also get to try out some energy work yourself!

Price: 250 kr


Familjeyoga med Erica

Erica is coming to Lysekil every now and then to teach a type of yoga for both adults and children. Give yourself and your child/children an opportunity to just relax and socialize. Erica will tell a fairy tale contained with easy yoga sequences that everyone can participate in. We recharge with creativity, positive energy and relaxation. Everyone gets a fruit as well! You don’t need any previous experience and it’s a fun activity for every child where they through story telling learn that they are perfect just the way they are. In a society with a lot of stress and pressure it can be a good idea to let your kid share a space with you where they can relax and turn their attention inwards.

Price: 180 kr +50 kr to bring another child.


Let go & let in workshop

Before the new year, Erica and Eleonor will be offering a 2-hour workshop where we focus on clearing the old to make room for the new. With relaxation, meditation and yoga we release blockages in the body and open up the mind for new opportunities. We will also talk about what the new year has to bring and we will also draw tarot cards for further guidance. Come and join in on an evening that lately will be forgotten.


Gong bath

Deep relaxation to Gong music.

Durin a gong bath you lie down on the mat, relax and let the gong's vibrations wash over and through you. The effect of the gong's vibrations is stress-reducing and helps you to be in the moment and quiet down thoughts and chatter in the mind.

The gong bath will start with soft accordion tones which then switches over to a vibrant gong bath.

The mighty sound of the gong can feel a bit overwhelming, but at the same time makes us release tension and blockages so that we reach an experience of our own innermost core. The experience is unique for every person and every occasion.

A "gong bath" has nothing to do with water, but means that you lie down, relax and let the gong's vibrations wash over you and your energy system.

Facts about the Gong: For thousands of years and in many civilizations and spiritual traditions, gongs have been used in various ceremonies and rituals. They have been used to help achieve higher states of consciousness. The gong is an original instrument and the experience of the sound of the gong and vibrations goes deep.

Price: 250 kr


Moon Magic

Traditions are to be kept, or at least resumed - for thousands of years we have gathered around the full moon's light ...


The full moon helps us to let go of what no longer gives us energy and welcomes what enriches us. Give Yourself and Your Heart an Evening of Meditation, Affirmation, Grounding, Inspiration and Creativity = M.A.G.I.C.

The evening also offers yoga poses which lets you release tension, soften and listen inward.

We finish the gathering off by drawing inspirational cards, for the group and individually. Which gives you guidance on setting new intentions. Limited number of places and only pre-booking, not drop-in.

The first three to sign up gets a free "Mini-Reading", by Erica, after the end. Please bring a notebook and comfortable clothes. Yoga mats, blankets etc are available on site.

Price: 250 kr
Welcome, Erica & Eleonor


Full day: Chakra Workshop

According to the yogic tradition, there are seven major energy points in our body, and these are called chakras. Want to know more about your chakras? Then this is something for you! Annika Ullman invites you to a full day with 5 hours of lectures and yoga exercises including mantras for each chakra. Eleonor will assist and serve vegan lunch. Lunch and tea are included!

Price: 950 kr


Goddess circle

Inside every woman lives a goddess. A Goddess who is kind, caring and loves unconditionally, without judging. So what is a goddess circle? In short, it is an opportunity to gather all strong, awesome and inspiring women in one place. A safe space to celebrate, share and support each other on this crazy journey we call Life. So invite all the inspiring women you know! It will be an evening of yoga, music, meditation, reflection, inspiration and, above all, a lot of divine, female energy! The evening is completely free and all women are welcome. A minimum number of 7 booked (so we can make a circle) is needed for the evening to be held. So book yourself and your girl friends in already! Only a limited number of places.

Price: Free!!