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Upcoming Retreats


Yoga retreat on iceland

We’ll g o together to Reykjavik and south Iceland, practices yoga in hot springs and experience gong bath. A perfect detox for the body and soul at this energizing island. We cooperate with Icelandic Kundalini Yoga teachers and also have local guides to take us to the most amazing spots in nature.


Yoga Retreat in Spain

When winter and darkness falls it can be nice to go south to catch some sun. During one week we’ll stay on the Spanish coast for both a vacation not only with sun bathing and swimming, but also with the focus to increase our well-being from the inside.


Yoga retreat in ålevik

A 3-day get-away where we focus on unwinding and recharging after a long, warm and lovely summer. Give the mind, body and soul room to breathe and relax in depth without the everyday chores there to disturb you.