Here are the faces behind Mandala Soul Studio. We are certified and educated within our specific area and type of yoga. We are teachers, massage therapists and healers who all aim for the same goal: Increase the well-being among our citizens.


Eleonor Nordwall

Eleonor is a yoga teacher with intuition! Before a class she doesn’t plan too much and let whatever comes to her go out to the students. What they need that day is what she will provide. A trade mark for her classes is that they’re fun, loving and without any pressure. She loves to travel, dance and cook yummy vegan food. She is the main teacher at the studio teaching Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. Her yoga-experience was gathered abroad in Spain, India and Sri Lanka among other countries. Lastly she was in Australia where she did her YTT at the Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community on the East Coast.


Mandala Soul’s Guests

Erica Löfgren1b.jpg

Erica Löfgren

During the autumn we will have this inspiring woman visiting us. She is a freelance actress, theater pedagogue, childrens yogateacher, director and motivator with years of experience in her field. With her company Hello Creative she wants to teach people to find their creativity through humor, warmth and fun. Over the years of her own personal development she has gathered the tools and keys that enriched her life, creativity and soul. Something that she wants to share through yoga classes and private healing sessions.

You can read more on any of her websites.    



Sara Ayni and has taught Ashtanga yoga since 2011 and has taken lessons at Ashtanga Yoga School in India as a way to follow the tradition of the founder and teacher from Master Shri K Pattabhi Joi's practical foundation and yoga philosophy. In 2019 she completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher training in India and with this Ananda - Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga was created. Ananda is a state of pure happiness which she uses as a pillar and intention in her classes.



Alicia Turner

Alicia is an alternative art therapist and dance project manager who loves life. She has studied movement through circus art and dance for 6 years and passionately believes that movement and art allow the wisdom stored in the body to speak. This inspiring and exuberant soul comes all the way from Australia and is overjoyed to share their knowledge across the world.



Annika Ullman

This is a a teacher with long experience and education. She has been practicing yoga since 1974 and has completed a 3.5-year yoga teacher training as well as continuing her education and regularly attending courses. She is also a district nurse which gives her a wide knowledge of body and health. A woman who likes to share her knowledge of yoga philosophy and Vedic scriptures.