Here are the faces behind Mandala Soul Studio. We are certified and educated within our specific area and type of yoga. We are teachers, massage therapists and healers who all aim for the same goal: Increase the well-being among our citizens.


Annie Larsson

Annie är the oracle of the studio. With a close connection to the Divine Source she is always there with a helping hand. With her background as a nurse is she is a specialist in well-being both on the inside and out. On top of that she has 2 year long Kundalini YTT and loves pranayama, which she will be teaching here at the studio.


Eleonor Nordwall

Eleonor is a yoga teacher with intuition! She loves to travel, dance and cook yummy vegan food. At the studio she will be teaching Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. Her yoga-experience was gathered abroad in Spain, India and Sri Lanka among other countries. Lastly she was in Australia where she did her YTT at the Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community on the East Coast.

Mandala Soul’s Guests

Erica Löfgren1b.jpg

Erica Löfgren

During the autumn we will have this inspiring woman visiting us. She is a freelance actress, theater pedagogue, childrens yogateacher, director and motivator with years of experience in her field. With her company Hello Creative she wants to teach people to find their creativity through humor, warmth and fun. Over the years of her own personal development she has gathered the tools and keys that enriched her life, creativity and soul. Something that she wants to share through yoga classes and private healing sessions.

You can read more on any of her websites.    


Annika Ullman

From w.40+ we’ll have another teacher at the studio. Annika Ullman will be teaching Yoga on Chair and Yoga Basic on Thursdays. Here we got a teacher with long experience and education. She has practiced yoga since 1974 and did 3,5 year long YTT. She is also district nurse which gives her a broad knowledge about our bodies and health. An inspiring soul who loves to share her knowledge about yoga philosophy and it’s Vedic scriptures.

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Marianne Siverhav

Marianne började med healing för ca 18 år sedan och har sedan hon var liten haft nära kontakt med andevärlden. I samband med hennes healing började hon även att tala med djur, framför allt hästar. Hon har utvecklat ett sinne och ett sätt att kommunicera med dessa stora men ack så kloka djur och vet hur man får dem att göra precis det man vill helt utan våld eller trauman. Vi är stolta att presentera att denna begåvade kvinna kommer att hålla workshops hos oss och dela med sig av sin kunskap kring energier och healing. Första workshopen är nu på söndag 14/10 kl.13:00-15:00.  

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