Mandala Soul’s friends

Below you’ll find links and website of those we collaborate with and/or want to recommend you. Just press “Read more” and get inspired!


Krishna Village Eco Community

An eco village and yoga retreat on the East Coast of Australia. The village is located on aboriginal holy land and everybody who enters has to refrain from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, which gives this place a very unique energy and atmosphere. All food is vegetarian or vegan and has been offered to Krishna before it is served. It might just be the most holy, wholesome and tasty food you’ve ever had! You can come to this Paradise as a retreat-guest, volunteer or a mix between the two. You can also come to attend a yoga teacher training, perma culture course, massage course and much, much more. This is one of Mandala Soul’s main role models and we urge you to make a visit if you happen to be Australia.


Monthly Cup

This is our distributor of the popular Moon Cup! Monthly Cup is the leading (and only!!) company in Sweden who is both making and selling their cups here. Do you want to know more about the Moon Cups that we sell in our studio you can read more on their website following the link below.


Kallbadhusets vänner

We’re also friends with The Friends of the Cold Bath House, as it would translate to English! Because we think that sauna and yoga is a perfect match! Just 15 min walk from the studio you’ll find the oasis Kallbadhuset. Right next to the salty ocean they have a newly built sauna which is open 5 days a week. To use the sauna you have to be a member which only costs 350 kr/year!! Or if you just want to use the sauna from time to time it’s 100 kr per occasion. It’s also possible to rent the sauna if you are a member. You can become a member and read more on their webpage.