At Mandala Soul Studio we are not only concerned about our fellow human beings, we care about Mother Earth too! That’s why we choose to only use organic and environmentally friendly products at the studio. We try to minimize the use of both water and electricity and reuse as much as possible.

We don’t use any chemicals to clean or wash with, since they go straight out into our seas and oceans and kills and pollutes. Be Earth’s friend you too! Change your normal dish washing liquid for an environmentally friendly one and use water with eucalyptus oil to clean the floor. Instead of buying dishcloths from the supermarket we’re using a normal terry towel cut into square size cloths. It dries quickly and when it gets dirty you can just wash it in the washing machine. Instead of plastic brush we use an organic one made out of wood and metal. And the mouth piece is removable so you can just replace it when it gets old. So smart! And it looks way prettier! The same with toothbrushes. They cannot be recycled so that’s why we use bamboo toothbrushes instead. It lasts as long as a normal toothbrush, get your today! It’s 2018 already!

And then there’s the toothpaste, that usually contains a whole lot of fluoride. It might not be bad for the environment, but it sure is bad for your health. Fluoride affects your pineal gland which will make it harder for you to reach higher states of consciousness through meditation and yoga. So check your tube and throw it out if it has fluoride in it. Today most supermarkets has at least one fluoride-free toothpaste. Ask the staff!

We also sort all our rubbish in different bins and take it to a recycle station. So whenever your in the studio, make sure to put your rubbish in the right bin. We have two separate bins in the chill out area and four more for metal/paper/cardboard/plastic in the kitchen area. Just give your recyclables to use and we will sort it for you.

Other things you can do to help our Earth Mother

  • Only run the washing machine when it’s completely full

  • Never pour out water in the sink! Use it for something: Watering the plants, mopping the floor, flushing the toilet

  • Turn off the lights in the rooms that are empty

  • Choose Organic when you’re at the supermarket! If more people buy organic the prices will eventually go down.

  • Eat vegetarian or vegan at least a couple of times a week (preferably more!)

  • Disconnect electronic devices that are on stand-by when you are not using them

  • Pick up rubbish in nature

  • Use environmentally friendly soap, dish washing liquid, toothpaste and detergent.

And the list goes on and on :) If there is something that you don’t have an environmentally friendly alternative to: Google it!