Comfort rules at the studio


-Arrive on time. If you know that you need to buy a new 10-card or a monthly membership please arrive at least 10 min prior to the class. Why is it so important to be on time to a yoga class? Because we usually start with a meditation and it will be interrupted if someone walks in. The door is locked when the class starts.

-Put your phone on silent och airplane mode. Or even better, leave it at home! The studio is also a wi-fi free zone, we have better connections.

-We take off our shoes at the door. Especially important now when winter comes with rain and snow.

-After the class is finished we wipe down our mat. It’s part of the practice.

-Mandala Soul Studio is a smoke-and drug free zone so please come to class sober and leave your cigarettes at home if you can.

We hope you accept and understand our comfort rules. We don’t have them because we want to tell you what to do and what not to do, we have because we want the studio to be as harmonious as possible.
All with love and care for our students!