Our Classes

At mandala Soul you will find a wide range of different yoga classes. All our teachers are certified and trained in their specific style of yoga.

As a student you always go to your own bodys extent. We’re just here to guide you and yoga is supposed to be pleasure and not pain. You step on the mat for your own sake and there’s no one else you should be comparing to except yourself.

Don’t know swedish? No worries! All our teacher are able to teach in English as well!


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga. The word Ha means sun the word Tha means moon, so it’s basically about balancing the masculine(sun) and the feminine(moon) energies within ourselves. This is done by holding the asanas, or poses, during several breaths. By doing this we train and still our mind and at the same time we’re building strength. Pranayama or breathing exercises are also included in class, along with meditation. This will help us to still and calm our minds and to prepare for the asanas.

Suits: Everyone. Even if you every now and then will stumble upon a pose that you haven’t quite mastered yet = a good reason to practice at home.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a bit faster kind of yoga. Vinyasa literally means “to place in a special way” and focus is on combining movement with breath into a flow. Unlike Hatha Yoga we’re not very much static the poses but instead we move from position to position to the rhythm of our breath. A bit more physically challenging class where we build both strength and stamina.

Suits: Someone who tried yoga at least once. A bit of BASIC physiQUE is good but you will build it up AFTER TIME if you keep coming to class!

Yin Yoga

We hold the positions for up to five minutes and work slowly into them. In this way, we work the body's connective tissue instead of stretching out the muscles. A perfect complement if you are very active since it prevents injuries and increases the circulation in the body. All postures are done sitting or lying down and you do not need any form of basic physique to be able to participate.

Suits: Beginners/everyone


Special classes

Yin Yoga Deluxe with Erica


A class where we use traditional asanas from Yin Yogan with soft flowing movements. We stop longer moments in sitting and lying positions that work with the connective tissue. It gives you time to meet yourself, your body and your breath. With inspiration from Chinese medicine, the class gives insight into the body's meridians and organs. With creative impressions and tools such as relaxing music, guided meditations, mantras, fragrances and inspirational cards, the senses are stimulated and you can further deepen your presence with yourself. An exploratory journey in a calm pace - for mind, body and soul! Please advise before the class if you are sensitive / have allergy to fragrance oils and incense. The class is paid with Swish or cash.

Length: 90 min
Price: 180 SEK

Suits: Beginners/everyone

Yoga 101


Does the time for our classes not fit into your schedule? Or do you want to deepen your practice by going through each position in more detail? Then a Yoga 101 session is something for you! During 60 minutes with the help of a certified yoga teacher you will go through the positions you are struggling and get exercises specifically designed to suit your needs. Like having a PT in yoga! You don’t have to sign up for a number of sessions, but book yourself in from time to time and agree on a date/time that suits you and the teacher that you choose to practice with. At the moment it’s Eleonor offering this service.

Length: 60 min
Price: 650 SEK

Suits: Beginners as well as experienced yogis

Ashtanga Yoga with Ananda


Sara Ayni the founder of Ananda - Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga, will guide you in a holistic Ashtanga yoga class. This is a gathering for new beginners and daily yoga practitioners. Together we will learn some Sanskrit, rise yoga philosophy and jump in to the third step in the 8 limb yoga, which is asana. We perform different asanas, physical yoga postures that strengthen both your body and your mind. We use Vinyasa which means breathing and movement to warm the blood and cleanse the body.
Ashtanga yoga has its roots in South India, Mysore. The guru of the modern Ashtanga yoga Pattabhi Jois said that we need to clean our body first and then we can work with our soul.

Length: 75 min
Price: 190 SEK

Suits: Beginners as well as experienced yogis

Learn to breathe with Ananda


Sara guides you through conscious exercises to prolong inhalation, retention and exhalation of the breath. When we breathe in we receive and replenish energy and power. When we hold the breath, we fill up and enjoy the energy we have received. During the exhalation we empty the mind, let go of emotions and the individual self. The one who learns to control his breath learns to handle his body, his emotions and his mind. Through the pranayama (breathing exercises) we influence the flow of energy to the body. Practicing pranayama gives balance, presence and stability to body and mind.

Length: 60 min
Price: 150 SEK

Suits: Beginners as well as experienced yogis