It's Christmas Time!!

Take a long, slow, deep breath in through the nose, yes do it now. And slowly release. One more time: Inhale long and slow…And exhale release, all the tensions.

Hope y’all doing well in these merry Christmas Times and not stressing out too much about presents! After all, Christmas is about getting together, eating good food and spending time with your loved ones. So instead of stressing out about presents: Try to be present! Enjoy!

The studio is still open as usual, almost all the way through Christmas! The 24th and 25th we’re closed and then 26th Anna is having a Xmas special.
The 27th we have a Let Go & Let in Workshop.
We’ll be closed the 30th of December but the 31st we have a free meditation at 12:00 to invite the New Year! Feel free to bring your friends and family.
We’re closed the 1st of January as well, then we’re back to our regular schedule + some added Creative Yinyoga classes with Erica. If you haven’t tried it already I really recommend you to go!
One on Friday 4th 10:00-11:30 and one Sunday 6th at 16:00-17:15 instead of our regular Hatha Yoga class.
Eleonor will also offer a Women’s Circle the 4th of January 18:00-20:00 which is FREE for all!

And after that Eleonor will be off to Sri Lanka for two weeks! The studio will be in good hands with Annie and Erica in charge. If you have any concerns or questions during this time Annie will be the one to turn to.

To keep updated on what classes are on during week 2 and 3, check the booking site.

We’re so happy to see that many people are joining in on the free meditation Annie is offering on Tuesdays! That’s really where it all starts, with the breath, if you want to find inner peace and harmony. So give it a try if you haven’t already.

And for those of you who are still a bit stressed out about the Christmas gifts: We have them in the studio! You can buy gift cards, bamboo tooth brushes or decorative fabrics to hang on the wall or use as bed cover. (like the one on the picture) Come and have a look and you sure will find something!

We wish you a wonderful week ahead!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Eleonor Nordwall