Welcome to our blog!

So we decided to change the language on our blog from Swedish to English so that all our friends around the world can keep up with what’s happening at Mandala Soul Studio.

I’ll mention again that on Sunday we have a Healing Workshop with Marianne Siverhav and the deadline for bookings are on Friday. So make sure to secure your spot through our booking page.

We changed the layout on our webpage a bit so now the schedule is on a separate page under Bookings>Schedule. We are still working on translating the site to English but it takes a fair bit of time so I ask all of you who doesn’t know Swedish to please be patient.

I don’t know if anyone noticed that we have a library in the studio? It’s not very big but we have a few really good books that you can borrow and take home to read. Just let us know your name and which book you want to borrow, and come back with it whenever you’re done reading it. Sharing is caring!

We also aim to keep the studio neat and tidy. Because with a mess around us, how can we keep the mind calm? This also applies to our homes. A wise man once said to me: It takes 5 min to clear up before you leave the house. So I always do it before I go so I know that when I get back home my mind can be at ease. And it’s a practice! Try and see if you can apply it. Fold your clothes and blankets instead of putting them in a pile, wash your dishes straight away and make your bed in the morning, you sure will feel the difference.

Our offer with one week of free yoga for men will be ending soon and from the 10-10-2018 everyone over age 65 gets one week of free yoga with us! The offer runs until the 10-11-2018.
We also have a like/share contest this month and if you like and then share our facebook-page you have the chance to win a whole month of free yoga with us!

We’re also very proud to announce that Mandala Soul Studio now is on Google and Google Maps! So you can save us to your Maps app and also see when we are open. If you like Mandala Soul Studio and what we do you can leave a rating as well.

That’s all for now


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