This is on this week!

Hi there beautiful yogis!

This week is the week of Halloween and it looks slightly different from our regular schedule!

As usual you can treat yourself with our popular Luxury Yoga class today at 17:00

Then on Wednesday since it’s the last day of the month, there’s no Yoga Basic at 18:30 but instead an Ecstatic Dance class! It’s so good for your spirit to just dance all the tension off! If you haven’t tried, please come and join us. It’s so much fun!

Since we’re having our "yoga-day” on Sunday we decided to cancel Vinyasa Flow on Saturday. We guess most of you will be up late on Friday anyhow! So take Saturday to just relax and recover and get ready for a day full of fun, yoga, good food and tea! If you want to attend the free classes it’s best to book yourself in through our booking site.

Next Saturday Vinyasa Flow will be moved to 13:00-14:00 since we have Family Yoga 11:00-12:00. The kids just love family yoga! If you want to do something fun together with your family you should give it a try. Bookings are available through our site.

Our next news letter will be sent out soon so don’t forget to sign-up if you haven’t already!

Now it’s also possible to do a notice of interest on our different retreats that we will offer in the future. This is for us to see which one is most popular so we can start to plan for it! You can read about the different retreats here and then click the button to make a notice of interest.

That’s all for now folks

See you in the studio and Happy Halloween!!


Mandala Soul Tribe

Eleonor Nordwall