English version of our website

We are happy to announce that www.mandalasoulstudio.com is now available in both Swedish and English! Choose your preferred language on the first page and then you’ll have all the Swedish menus to your left and English to your right. So welcome to all our non-Swedish friends to visit and navigate through our site! And please let us know if something doesn’t seem right.

In 3 weeks time we’ll have Erica back to teach Family Yoga on November 10th so make sure to go online and make a booking to reserve your spot.

There are still spots available for the Healing Workshop December 2nd so please make a booking if you want to attend.

And in 2 weeks time on November the 4th we’ll have a whole day of free yoga for everyone! With a taste of most of the classes that we offer so that you can find the kind that suits you best. Bring friends, family and neighbors. You will have to book yourself a spot for the free classes and you will shortly be able to do so through our booking site.

Stay tuned!


Mandala Soul Tribe