New Healing Workshop

So since we didn’t get enough bookings for the healing workshop today we’ll try again with a new date that is a little bit further ahead:

Next Healing Workshop with Marianne Siverhav will be on
Sunday the 2:nd of December 13:00-15:00

Bookings are now available through our web site, just click yourself forward to December to make a booking.

What else is new? We now have beautiful gift cards for sale! And what better gift to give someone than something that will help increase their well-being?

We also sell

Moon Cups, the eco friendly alternative to use during your period

Nettipots, which are used to flush out your nose in the morning. Keeps away colds and unblocks a runny nose. Perfect during winter time!

And for those of you who missed it we also sell yummy and healthy raw balls and kombucha.

Didn’t receive our news letter when it was sent out the 7th of October? Click here and fill in your details to sign up!

To get all the benefits of yoga it has to be practiced on a regular basis. Do your body, mind and spirit a favor and book yourself in to a class today.

We’ll see you on the mat!


Mandala Soul Tribe