Our studio was originally founded by Anna Blinge, a beautiful soul who with her amazing energy created a haven in the heart of Lysekil, to where people can come to explore their inner wisdom. This year she decide to go study and she thought it would be really sad to see the studio closing down. But the we, Eleonor & Annie, arrived and started to teach classes at her study. And suddenly there was someone to keep the place alive.

So here we are, utterly happy and thankful, and really, really excited to have gotten the opportunity to take over after Anna. We're changing the name and changing the game a little bit, making this place more than a yoga studio.

We realize that a lot of you are sad to see Anna go (we are as well!) but we are going to do our best to give you an experience as amazing and special as she did. Don't worry.

Eleonor Nordwall, Annie Larsson & Anna Blinge <3

Eleonor Nordwall, Annie Larsson & Anna Blinge <3

The name Mandala Soul is originally from beautiful Laura McCaughney's yoga retreat in Australia: Mandala Soul Wellness. Eleonor was lucky enough to share her YTT experience with her and together they decided to go for an international name to be able to spred our vision, wisdom and way of living across the globe.

What we aim for is to raise consciousness among our fellow human beings through healing, yoga, massage and self-help. Mandala Soul Studio is something more than just a studio. It's a place where to meet like-minded people as well as a place to find the tools you need in order to connect with your Higher Self.

Welcome and Namasté


Eleonor Nordwall & ANNIE larsson